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INOSENT can, on request, offer you a comprehensive range of accessories to complement their extensive product range. We will be happy to advise you and get to know your requirements in detail. Whether you are looking for the ideal combination of products or need a specific product: INOSENT is at your service.


with 8 relay outputs

Analogue Input-Module

with 8 x 4-20mA-Inputs

Analogue Output-Module

with 8 x 4-20MA OUTPUTS


2 x 1 mm2 / 2 x 0.75 mm2

Alarm light with Horn


230 VAC
  24 VDC     



LED-Warning Sing with Horn


Connection BUS or Analog

300 mm

600 mm


Connection Analog

300 mm

INOSENT: A dependable presence at your side - our core strengths are in reliable consulting and original, comprehensive solutions in the field of gas detection systems. Besides our passion for work, there is, above all, one thing that is close to our hearts: creating confidence and trust in our work with our clients to achieve absolute safety on all levels.

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