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Difference between Gas Heating and ventilation

Gas Heating

Gas heaters require exact gas monitoring

When using gas heaters, dangerous gas concentrations may result — gas monitoring must therefore be most accurate. Gas monitoring keeps a close eye on liquid gas (propane/C3H8) and natural gas (methane/CH4) around the clock. Gas monitoring also excludes the danger emanating from gas leakages.

INOSENT has the ideal gas warning system for gas monitoring

For gas monitoring of propane or methane, the product line “Classic” by INOSENT is ideal: this programmable self-monitoring gas warning centre triggers an alarm when exceeding and falling below the threshold values. Thanks to this gas monitoring, gas supply is additionally interrupted, the magnet valve closed, the burner is turned off and the ventilation activated. Gas monitoring of INOSENT is comprehensive throughout: Gas detectors are also available for the use in explosion zones 1 and 2.
For gas heaters, INOSENT recommends product line “Classic“.


In car parks, gas alarm systems have highest priority

In car parks, the gasses carbon monoxide (CO) and nitrogen dioxide (NO2) must be accurately monitored via gas alarm systems. A gas alarm provides the necessary safety. The gas alarm system is key, since increased traffic also increases CO and NO2 concentrations. If this results in an acute risk of poisoning, the gas alarm system triggers a gas alarm. In addition to the necessary gas alarm, humidity control is a central requirement in underground car parks. A gas alarm system for underground car parks must ideally combine these various requirements for gas alarm systems and humidity control.

INOSENT provides an ideal gas alarm system

Thanks to its state-of-the-art technology and a carefully considered design, the “Compact” product line by INOSENT is the ideal solution for a gas alarm system in underground car parks. For an accurate gas alarm system is guaranteed thanks to a gas alarm with warning lights and horn. Furthermore, an icon ensures the correct behaviour in case of a gas alarm. And optimal ventilation and humidity controls are guaranteed in addition to the accurate gas alarm system . The CO and NO2 sensors are connected to the control centre, as is the case for the two humidity detectors. It displays the highest measured value as well as gas alarms or disruptions.
For underground car parks, INOSENT recommends product line “Compact“.

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